On The Chin Of A Giant

Diploma in hand, Thomas Scott sets out to establish a home for himself and his younger brother, Allen. He is persuaded to do this in Savannah by his new friend, Michael Herb, Captain of the river boat, Irish Mist. And as Mike is an expert in all things Celtic or trending toward blarney, the pair are ushered into many an adventure. Then Tom sees and is almost hypnotically drawn to Mandria Lucas, daughter of the story’s villain—and Tom’s mortal enemy, though the why of that remains illusively beyond his comprehension.

Mandria Lucas is a lady on a mission. Having witnessed her father’s infidelity, she is determined to seek retribution on behalf of her gullible mother. But she is greatly disoriented—and infuriated—when Tom appears in her life and keeps tossing stumbling blocks into her chosen path.

On The Foot Of A Mountain

Tom is now the one on a mission. First, he has to find his stubborn run-away wife; and though she professes to hate him, stop her from giving away their unborn child. He will do it too, even if it means a kidnapping—as her own mother suggested. But oh, what a long—loud—winter lies ahead for the both of them.